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Neuro Linguistic Programing and Brain Plasticity  

Brian Plasticity

Recent year’s scientific discovery by the Dr. Paul Back-Y-Rita called Brain Plasticity is also known as Neuroplasticity. Till recent past, scientists believed that growth of brain stops after child hood. But this discovery has proved that our brain is constantly growing and making new neural connections. Our brain has 100 billion neurons, when we do a new thing or have new experience, these neurons begin to make neural connections with each other. When we repeat the same thing with emotion, a strong Neural Pathway is formed in the brain.

For example, when the sea water first time hits the coastal sand, there is no path on it but the repeated attacks of water design permanent grooves and patterns in it. Later on water comes and goes back easily by using this path way. Likewise Neural Pathways are formed in our brain.

These Neural Pathways stand behind every human behavior, personal and professional performance, success or failure, health or illness, positive or negative thinking, PERSONALITY problems such as lack of confidence, shyness, bad habits, weak memory, procrastination, time management, stress, lack of motivation,  poor communication, weak will power, Lack of concentration, Poor performance at job, irresponsibility and EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS such as fear and phobias, depression, anxiety, OCD, guilt, panic attack, grief and sleeplessness etc.

This is why, we cannot achieve the most wanted results.

If you are truly committed to get Success, Improve personal, professional and organizational performance and Resolve Emotional Problems in your life then you need to change and form New Neural Pathways in the brain. Many effective techniques are now available in NLP.


NLP technology was introduced in early 70s. It offers precise ways to form neural pathway in the brain to achieve desired results faster and with greater ease. NLP is a set of practical tools and mental techniques for personal change, business and organizational development. NLP stands for,

Neuro refers to the human nervous system.

Linguistic refers to the verbal and non-verbal languages which we use to communicate with ourselves and others.

Programming refers to organize languages in precise way to create positive New Neural Pathways in the brain.


Personality Problems

Lack of confidence, shyness, bad habits, weak memory, procrastination, time mismanagement, stress, lack of motivation, poor communication, weak will power, Lack of concentration and so on.

Emotional Problems

Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive compulsive disorder, (OCD), Panic attack, Post traumatic, sleeplessness,  stress disorder, Grief, Guilt, Shyness,  Low self-esteem, Self- limiting beliefs so on

Student problems

Fear of examination, Fear of presentation, Fear of viva examination, Fear of teacher, Poor memory, Difficulties in getting higher grade, Lack of interest in study, Poor concentration, lack of motivation, lack of goal setting and achieving and so on.

Sexual problems

Impotency, Frigidity, Pre-ejaculation, Fear of opposite gender and so on.

Fear and Phobia

Fear of crowd, Fear of death, Fear of heart attack, Fear of disease, Fear of interview, Fear of examination, Fear of stage, Fear of height, Fear of depth, Fear of enclosed places, Fear of water, Fear of lift riding, Fear of airplane and more than 500 other phobias.

Marital Problems


Bad Habits

Smoking, wine drinking, Drug addiction, Nail biting, Hoarding, Fidgeting, Late sleeping, Swearing, Abusing,

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